Contemporary Hair and Art Gallery

The Mark Kemp Hair Gallery is hidden away in the picturesque village of Hampstead Norreys in the Heart of the beautiful Berkshire countryside.  This is a place where you can go and enjoy the creations of professional west-end trained artist Mark Kemp in a cutting edge environment.   This is true London meets the Countryside form.

The Hair Gallery specialises in long hair, Bridal and every day styling, enhanced by Moroccan Oil hair treatments. This is a vision where art and creative hair design come together.

 The intimate gallery will be housing works from the Modern Artists Gallery that are on a regular rotation to maintain a fresh and new experience for visitors. Pieces will be displayed from artists such as Paul, Kate and Mirren Kessling, Elenor Hardwick and Matthew Andrews who have individually worked with or had commissioned pieces for The House of Lords, Harpers Bazaar, Vogue, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, Coca Cola, Ralph Lauren and Garrard Jewellers.

The gallery is scented by candles made by Rachel Vosper, one of the UK’s leading Candle Chandlers.  The candles are supplied from Rachel’s boutique based in the heart of London, where she offers a unique candle collection made exclusively by her and her team.  The collection is ever changing throughout the seasons and new and inspiring designs and scents are frequently added.  The candles are available exclusively from the Belgravia boutique and the Mark Kemp Hair Gallery is proud of its strong links with Rachel and her team.

The gallery is open to visitors of any age and easily accessible for wheelchairs.